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Meet Eleanor and Russell – my grandparents and the inspiration behind our store, Eleanor Russell

Lori Reinhart Musson Owner/Founder – Eleanor Russell

This is a photo taken the day they became engaged in September 1927, on which you can see Eleanor ever so casually holding her left hand in a manner which says, “See my engagement ring?”

They were an amazing and interesting couple. Russell, or Poppy as I called him, was a quiet, serious man who taught me many invaluable lessons, including the importance of being honorable and always giving 110% in all that you do. Eleanor, or Nanny as she was affectionately known, was an ebullient, incredibly generous woman who loved to laugh and had a penchant for buying beautiful and special things. My grandmother loved to shop in specialty stores in and around our town not just because of the unique and quality merchandise found there, but because of the exceptional service and relationships that were forged. I fondly remember going with her on countless magical shopping excursions as both a child and an adult. Today, we re-live those memories each and every day here at Eleanor Russell, where exemplary service and outstanding products are what we are all about.

eleanor and russell in 1927
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At Eleanor Russell, you’ll discover extraordinary finds for you and the ones you love, including your beloved pets. We specialize in offering unique gifts, home décor and entertaining items, all classic in design, often with a touch of whimsy. We are also known for our extensive collection of equestrian themed items, perceived as the best in our area.

We first opened our doors in 2014 here in Chester County, PA, as a brick and mortar store with the purpose of creating an exceptional shopping experience start to finish. Since that time, not only has our business grown, but we have built relationships with an amazing group of loyal customers whom we consider our friends. In addition to those who live locally, we also have several customers who reside hours away or even across the country, discovering us while visiting family and friends who live near our shop. We are honored to say that we see these ‘distant’ customers at least once per year, at which time they actively and openly share with us that their journey is not complete until they have stopped by our shop, adding that they wish we were located in their hometown. It is this very joy which sparked us to create an on-line shopping presence so that we could deliver to you that same experience.

We are dedicated to keeping our product assortment fabulous and fresh, diligently working to find unique, high quality items that make a statement, have purpose, and create smiles. Our carefully curated collection of home décor and entertaining items are certain to make a stand-out impression with your guests. Similarly, when you purchase a gift from Eleanor Russell, our goal is to provide you with what we like to call ‘Gifter’s Reward’ – meaning that the recipient of the gift is assured to be elated, and you’ll experience the ‘reward’ of knowing that you made them feel extra special.

We recognize that in today’s retail environment, shoppers have a sea of options available to them. Know that when you elect to shop with us, you have our commitment to bring you our very best, each and every day, on-line and in-store. With that said, and in honor of Eleanor and Russell, we extend a very warm welcome and invite you to experience shopping like it should be with Eleanor Russell.

Sincerely and all the best,

Lori Reinhart Musson
Owner/Founder – Eleanor Russell